Cocoa Powder

- Produced from the seeds of the crushed cocoa pod
- Pleasant aroma and bitter taste
- Natural dark brown color
- Delicious taste
- Quality guaranteed





Pure Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder has a dark brown color, cocoa aroma, bitter taste, and is produced from the seeds of the finely ground cocoa. The freshly harvested pods will be fermented for 2 - 9 days and dried. After that, cocoa beans will be roasted to accelerate its flavor and aroma. Roasting temperature is one of the key factors that determine the final taste of the cocoa powder. After roasting, the cocoa beans are finely ground. At this time, the melted fat, cocoa butter make cocoa powder fuse into a dark brown mass called chocolate liquor. The chocolate liqueur will be pressed into the liquid, the remainder cooled and ground into powder. Chosen from the high quality Vietnamese cocoa, processed by modern technology, we bring you the premium quality cocoa products.

- Ingredients: 100% pure cocoa powder
- Packaging: 250gr_500gr/pack  


Coconut Milk Cocoa Powder

A unique combination of bitter cocoa, sweet flavor of coconut milk, will bring you a delicious and nutritious drink.

- Ingredients: 100% pure cocoa powder, mixed with coconut milk powder
- Packaging: 250gr_500gr/pack

Using instructions:
- Add 2 teaspoons of coconut milk cocoa powder into a glass
- Pour a little boiling water into the glass, just enough to flood the powder, then the drink will have a rich flavor when being served.
- Stir well, you've got yourself a cup of delicious hot coconut milk cocoa.

Cocoa Powder Using Instruction



- Storage in a cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
- Best use within 24 months from the date of manufacture (see more on the package). 


Instructions to make Cocoa drinks at home

- 20g pure cocoa powder
- 40ml condensed milk
- 30ml of fresh milk
- 10gr sugar
- 60ml boiling water

How to make a delicious glass of cocoa 

- Step 1: Put 20gr of cocoa powder into a glass, add 60ml of boiling water and stir to dissolve completely.
- Step 2: Continue adding 10gr of sugar, 40ml of condensed milk, and stir to dissolve properly. Leaving the mixture to cool down, then adding some more fresh milk.
- Step 3: Finally, add on some ice cubes and enjoy!

Cocoa powder is a healthy drink but hot, so recommend not to use more than 40gr per day.
The ideal time to drink cocoa is about 1 hour after breakfast. After exercising or when feeling stressed, tired, you can also drink a cup of cocoa to refill energy.  


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